1st year MACP student Lacy Clark talks about the magical space in the heart of our building, the MHGS bookstore.

I’ve been working in the bookstore nearly two months now, and haven’t been a student at MHGS for much longer. It’s the front end of my jobs at school–I also spend my hours behind the scenes as the Office of Students and Alumni Assistant.

It’s nice to switch it up once a week on Tuesdays. As a first year student, working at the bookstore has allowed me to be a part of a 300 square foot part of daily student life, and I’ll be the first to admit more people have introduced themselves to me than I’ve introduced myself to them. “You’re new,” they say. This is followed closely by, “Are you a first year?” I nod, the weight of the first few weeks of the first term at MHGS visible in the nod’s slowness and my deep inhale. They return a look to me that says, “Oh, I’ve been there,” and I believe them fully. “I’m _______,” they say as if to offer condolences and guidance all at once.

In that moment, I know I can make it, because they did. Realizing that we’re in the middle of a transaction, I continue to sell them their lunch of yogurt covered pretzels and a Dr. Pepper. They often open them immediately and offer me some, and I always partake. I’ve always been the giver and not that great at receiving. However, through the difficulties of these first few weeks at MHGS I’m learning to receive, whether it be guidance, a pretzel, or a look of “me too.” Contrary to the old saying, I’m finding that it will be through the receiving that I can give, and it’s all a part of the journey.

Lacy Clark grew up in Missouri and graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN where she studied graphic design. She has since spent time in many places, including London and Uganda, but has decided to unpack her bags in Seattle and call MHGS home.
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